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Adjustable Soft Mesh Dog Muzzle

Adjustable Soft Mesh Dog Muzzle

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Not all dogs are very docile. If they are invaded or feel dangerous, they may fight and bite each other. Wearing our muzzle can effectively prevent biting/attack.

When you are walking the dog, some scented or moldy garbage hidden in the grass will attract them. Taking a muzzle can effectively prevent them from eating these harmful things by mistake.

In some public places or veterinary care, dogs may feel frightened. The muzzle can effectively prevent barking and disturbing others.

Bring a muzzle to prevent dogs from damaging furniture or eating bad food at home.


Prioritize the comfort & safety of your dog and those around them.

This thoughtfully designed muzzle provides a safe and comfortable way to prevent unwanted biting, barking, and chewing while allowing your dog to breathe, pant, and drink water naturally.



SOFT AND BREATHABLE MESH: Crafted from soft, breathable mesh fabric, this muzzle allows your dog to stay cool and comfortable even during extended wear. It doesn't restrict natural breathing or panting.

ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The adjustable straps ensure a snug and secure fit for dogs of various sizes. It's easy to find the perfect fit for your furry friend, preventing them from pawing it off.

SAFE AND SECURE: Designed with safety in mind, this muzzle prevents your dog from biting, barking excessively, or chewing on unwanted objects, keeping them and others safe during walks or visits to the vet.

GENTLE ON SKIN: The soft mesh material is gentle on your dog's skin, preventing chafing or discomfort, making it suitable for longer use when necessary.

QUICK RELEASE BUCKLE: The quick-release buckle allows for easy and stress-free removal when it's time to give your dog a treat or freedom.


If this is the first time your dog wears our muzzle, it is normal for dogs to have a resistance reaction. Please read "The best way to use muzzle" in the following picture carefully, give them more time to adapt, and patiently follow our steps.



Material: Breathable Mesh, Nylon

Color: Black, Red, Orange, Gray

Size: XS - 2XL


1 * Adjustable Soft Mesh Dog Muzzle


Please allow slight measurement errors due to manual measurement.

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Adjustable Soft Mesh Dog Muzzle