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Diving duck toilet brush

Diving duck toilet brush

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Are you tired of dealing with stubborn yellow deposits under the rim and in hard-to-reach corners? Is your brush holder constantly filling with old, dirty water?

👏We present the ultimate silicone toilet brush

It is the ideal solution for a thorough cleaning of your toilet! The flat head and silicone tips ensure a thorough cleaning of every corner of your toilet. In addition, the silicone tips do not retain impurities and dry in a flash. No more bad odors, no more standing water in the holder and no more residue on your brush.

The silicone brush is the most hygienic option available.

Silicone tips hold less dirt than synthetic fibers. Shorter and more widely spaced, they do not drag anything into the brush holder, unlike conventional synthetic brushes. Silicone, being less porous than synthetic, also allows for a significantly reduced drying time. Less dirt, faster drying and less opportunity for bacteria to multiply.

Your toilet brush becomes a decorative object

It is not only hygienic, but also very elegant. Can be fitted on the bathroom wall next to the toilet. Off the floor and out of the way.









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Diving duck toilet brush