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🔥Last Day Sale 49%🔥Single Door Continuous Rat Hole Mouse Trap

🔥Last Day Sale 49%🔥Single Door Continuous Rat Hole Mouse Trap

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Bid farewell to unwanted rodents with our Single Door Continuous Rat Hole Mouse Trap. Designed for efficiency and humane pest control, this trap provides a safe and effective way to capture and remove mice from your home or workplace. Say goodbye to traditional traps and chemicals and embrace a more eco-friendly and reliable solution.



Continuous Capture: The rat trapping cage adopts pedal structure design, the mouse can only go in, can't come out, no need to reset manually.

Durable Construction: Made from sturdy and durable materials, this trap is built to withstand long-term use and resist tampering by trapped rodents.

Safe and Humane: Unlike traditional snap traps, this trap ensures a humane capture without harming the mice. Release them safely away from your property.

Chemical-Free: Eliminate the need for harmful chemicals or poisons, making it safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Easy to Clean: The trap is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene and hassle-free use.


Type:Single Door Continuous Rat Hole Mouse Trap

Size: 28.5*11*11CM

Weight: 0.6KG

Material: Galvanized steel


1*Single Door Continuous Rat Hole Mouse Trap


Please handle trapped mice with care and release them in accordance with local regulations and guidelines.

Check the trap regularly to ensure timely release of captured rodents.

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🔥Last Day Sale 49%🔥Single Door Continuous Rat Hole Mouse Trap