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Car Glasses Rain-repellent Coating Agent

Car Glasses Rain-repellent Coating Agent

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Dazzling glare, Noisy windshield wipers, Blurred vision in the rain, and Tough glass oil film?

Our car cleaner can solve your troubles, make your car look better, and drive safer. This coating agent not only repels rain but also prevents dirt, bugs, and other contaminants from sticking to your car's glass, keeping it cleaner for longer.



 RAIN-REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY - Say goodbye to blurry and obstructed vision during heavy rain. Our crystal coating agent forms an invisible hydrophobic barrier that repels rainwater, ensuring clear visibility and safer driving.

LONG-LASTING RAIN PROTECTION - Our coating provides extended rain protection, lasting twice as long as regular products. It remains effective on heavily used windshields for up to 12 months, maintaining optimal water repellency. On side windows, it can last for an impressive 36 months

GLARE-FREE NIGHT DRIVING - Unlike oil-based coatings that can cause glare from nighttime lights, our water-based coating offers uniform coverage, preventing glare and ensuring clear visibility during nighttime driving.

 SMOOTHER WIPER ACTION - When rainwater beads up and rolls off your windshield effortlessly, it reduces the strain on your wipers, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring smoother operation.

GENTLE ON TINTED GLASS - Our resin-based formula is gentle and won't corrode or bubble tinted glass, preserving its integrity. It can penetrate the material's pores, instantly restoring a black and shiny appearance while repelling both water and dirt from the glass surface.


Net content: 30ml

Product color: milky white

Function: Water repellent, cleaning, protection


1 * Car Glasses Rain-repellent Crystal Coating Agent


Colors may vary due to different monitors.

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Car Glasses Rain-repellent Coating Agent